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  • Art
  • Sustainability
  • Women and Children's Protection
  • Documenting Life and Journaling
  • Connecting with People

These are my anchors while making art.

I've been making art ever since I can remember but I stopped when I entered college. I only took the paintbrush again after 24 years in 2014. I was reunited with my first love.

Having been in the handmade paper invitation business for 16 years, I want to make art and put them into SUSTAINABLE and MEANINGFUL products produced in collaboration with our local artisans. 

With every piece of art I make, there's alway a story to tell...Each of us has one and our story matters....and we can all learn and be inspired.

I believe that we can all make a difference NOW by making a conscious effort of living a more sustainable lifestyle by starting on the stuff we BUY.

For PROJECTS, WORKSHOPS and COLLABORATIONS, you may email me at aireescreates (at) gmail (dot) com