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Passport Sleeves & Folio

Leather or paper?!? 

A Story of Serendipity

The very first ArtDori® prototype we made back in 2015 was too stiff and never made it to production. We perfected the ArtDori® for my first collection. 

In February 29, 2016, I was spring cleaning and was about to throw the first prototype to the trash bin when I accidentally discovered its leather-like strength when I crumpled it! It was a eureka moment for me and I had my team of artisans reproduced, tested and perfected it!

And that's the birth story of our Gutsy® ArtDori® line. :)

But wait! There's more: When we finally perfected our Gutsy® paper, I figured it would be lovely if I can combine my first collection with Gutsy®. The result was a combination of strength and beauty with a story.

  • Thicker than the printed ArtDori®, it is sustainably-made from abaca plant fibers, organically-treated to make it tear-resistant by our local artisans.
  • It has a strength of a soft leather but lightweight as paper.
  • We aim to give an alternative to people who are not keen on leather sourced from animals.

Handmade. Sustainable. Vegan. Fair-Traded.