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ArtDori® - Angels & Fairies Collection

I'd like to think that angels and fairies are our guides and somehow they remind us of the things that we usually forget or take for granted. This year, I made these 2 on mixed media and I am sharing them with you through the ArtDori® so you can take them anywhere and guide you.

  • Standard Midori® size, it comes 2 blank refills in 120gsm smooth ivory paper; it can hold up to 4 inserts
  • These are printed ArtDori®s, tear- and water-resistant sustainably-made from abaca plant fibers, joyfully-made by our local artisans. They may crease over time but will not easily tear apart. 
  • It has a strength like a soft leather but lightweight as paper.

Handmade. Sustainable. Vegan. Fair-traded.